Doin’ the Charleston (SC)

Let’s see, last we blogged we had just left Keswick, VA and we headed to Charleston, SC. We stayed in Charleston for 8 days, which other than NY is the longest stretch in any one place so far. Beau and I stayed in four pet-friendly hotels, each very different from one another. One was surprisingly excellent, (The Sheraton North Charlotte), one that had lots of hoopla and press that was adequate and didn’t live up to the hype, (I only use my power for good not evil ;0), one that was charming, (Wentworth Mansion) and one that was absolute perfection, (The Woodlands Inn & Resort in Summerville, SC)!

I liked Charleston, it was a great walking town, lots to do and see, plenty of pet-friendly shopping on King Street although, finding pet-friendly dining was a challenge. You know how I love a challenge…Poogans Porch on Queen Street was wonderful and pet-friendly on the porch and the patio and my other discovery was 39 Rue de Jean, a little french bistro with patio dining that is pet friendly et c’est magnifique!! I think Beaus favorite part was the rickshaw bike ride we took home after dinner, he loved that, ears blowing in the wind…it was quite a scene!

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