How did PAW;Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide Begin?

What began as a search to find a 4-star or higher, pet-friendly hotel for a trip to New York has completely taken on a life of its own! Once I discovered that most of the existing pet-friendly hotel booking sites only offered hotels with a moderate level of amenity my frustration began. I wondered why the level of amenity I was accustomed to when traveling needed to be compromised simply because I wanted to bring my dog. My frustration was then compounded by the fact that when I could find a site that listed pet-friendly hotels with a higher level of amenity, they were either mixed in with every type of available hotel in an area from Motel 6 to the Taj or they were mixed in with other luxury, non-pet-friendly hotels. Not a single site was exclusively dedicated to offering a collection of luxury, pet-friendly accommodations. As if that weren’t enough, it seemed as though all of the available sites were created by people who didn’t own pets and thought that everything pet related was somehow cute or cartooney. I couldn’t identify with the lifestyle or relate to the representation in the pet-friendly hotel sites available. All of this and I still haven’t mentioned that none of the websites let you filter your hotel selection by the hotels pet size/weight policy. I began to research luxury, pet-friendly hotels. Hundreds of highlights, printouts, and phone calls later I decided I would put all of the information into a database because I had so much information I couldn’t get a clear, full picture of the available choices and PAW was born. I hope you find the site time saving, efficient, and highly useful when booking your luxury, pet-friendly hotel accommodations and activities! Please contact us by email if you come across a luxury, pet-friendly hotel, destination, activity, or event and we’ll be sure to add it to the site. Enjoy!

Look on the PAW website at the next time you need a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel!


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