The ‘Pet Passport’: International Pet-friendly Travel Without Quarantine!

Beau was microchipped by his vet recently. A procedure that took less than 5 minutes, cost $41 for the procedure, $50 for the international chip, and $18.50 to register the chip number with Avid,, the manager of the PETrac system, a global recovery network. This is the first step that will enable Beau to travel with me to any EU country, without quarantine, six months from the day the chip was inserted.

I was concerned that you’d be able to feel the chip when petting him, or that by petting him where the chip was injected I would cause him some pain. However, the vet assured me that the chip was injected so far under the skin between his shoulder blades that he wouldn’t feel it at all. It seems to be the case, he is and was, immediately fine. There were no side effects at all, except that when he was ‘scanned’ his number showed up on the scanner. Now, if he is lost or needs to be identified when we are travelling internationally, (or domestically for that matter) all anyone needs to do is scan him. When he is scanned a number attached to all of my contact information and his vacination history becomes instantly available. (Of course it needs to be a special scanner, you just can’t swipe him on his back at the grocery check out…but it’s pretty amazing none the less).

Beau also had a titer, (a blood test to verify his rabies vaccination is effective). Those test results should be available within 10 days. The next step is to wait 6 months. Six months from the titer test is when the pet is allowed to travel to any country in the European Union. Ten days before we are ready to leave on our trip we need to revisit the vet for a tick and flea treatment, obtain a letter from the vet stating that Beau is healthy to travel, and to have the vet fill out the ‘pet passport’ available for downloading at (scroll down to the pdf for dogs), which then needs to be overnighted to the State Vet for signature and returned to you prior to your departure. Make copies of everything and leave them with someone at home who can overnight them to you incase you lose your original documents.

Information regarding the process necessary to obtain a ‘pet passport’ for your pet for travel to Britian and European Union countries can be obtained at

Look on the PAW website at the next time you need a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel!


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