Virginia is for ‘Dog’ Lovers!!

The slogan for Virginia tourism is ‘Virginia is for lovers’. . . but it could easily be “Virginia is for Dog Lovers!” Beau and I had a wonderful time in Virginia. We visited two very different areas; Richmond and Keswick. Richmond is a small, busy city and Keswick is Thomas Jefferson Country, home to Monticello (pet-frienldy on the grounds, but not in the buildings) rolling horse fields, golf courses, white picket fences, and the most amazing pecan pie!

The picture above is of Beau and I checking in to the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA. You could tell that every single member of the staff at this hotel LOVED their job! Everyone was so lovely and genuine, it was a very nice atmosphere. Beau was welcome everywhere except the dining areas and the pool. He was even welcome in the business center and the salon, (guess where I spent the majority of my time…sooo not the salon!!)

The hotel itself was a masterpiece of Beaux Arts or (Beau arts as it were :)) architecture featuring a magnificent stained-glass rotunda. It was spectacular and reminded me very much of the Pestana Palce in Portugal or The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, CO. . . Quite magnificent. You can read all about the hotel on the PAW hotel feature page by selecting The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond and review our activities suggestions on the Richmond Canine Concierge pages.

When our stay at the Jefferson was regrettably over, we then drove an hour and a half or so and arrived in Kewsick, VA home of Keswick Hall. As I drove along the wooded two lane country road I passed a sign that read, “Walton Mountain Museum”. It suddenly occurred to me the only things I knew, (or thought I knew) about Virginia came from John Denver and the Waltons. In retrospect, not such bad sources…the scenery of Keswick, VA was eerily reminiscent of, (I want to say Walnut Grove, but I think I’m mixing my 70’s tv shows) Waltons Mountain, all green and lush. And, John knew what he was talking about when he said, ‘Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze’…spot on John!!

Keswick was sublime and peaceful. We stayed at a property that is part Orient Express hotel and part private golf club. The only place that Beau was not allowed on the entire property was the interior dining room. He was allowed at the Palmer Grill patio dining area which overlooked beautiful manicured golf links, (which Beau galloped through for hours on end later that evening). The chef at Keswick Hall is a magician, because the pecan pie tartlett he created was magical! Absolutely divine, as my friend Dorothy would say.

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