Washington DC- Who Knew ‘DC’ Stood for ‘Doggie Capitol’?

Who knew that DC stood for “Doggie Capital”? Washington DC is quite fond of their pets and welcome you to bring yours along when you visit! Washington is a very large, sprawling city with multiple areas that you won’t want to miss. Not as much of a ‘walking city’ as say New York or Boston, so take advantage of taxi’s to get you from one area to the other and make the most of your time in each distinctive neighborhood! Take a day and stroll along the National Mall with the Jefferson Monument on one end and the Capitol building on the other. Pets are allowed on the Mall and right up to the perimeter of the monuments but not inside the monuments or any of the buildings, but on a beautiful day it is a walk that is filled with majestic architectural eye candy! Behind the Capitol is the Capitol Hill neighborhood. This neighborhood is a lovely residential area with two parks worth mentioning; Lincoln Park at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and 11th Street and a small park at the corner of E Street and 6th and a handful of great restaurants that offer outside patio dining after you’ve walked up an appetite! A fenced in dog run is hard to come by though in DC and we never actually found one (and believe me we looked). We did find a gorgeous park with tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, and baseball fields at the corner of 26th Street and O Street, just on the cusp of Georgetown, so this is a great place to stop before you stroll around Georgetown for the afternoon. My idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon in Georgetown includes brunch at the Peacock Cafe with its pet-friendly outdoor patio dining, some great window shopping, (and actual shopping) in the fantastic shops along Wisconsin Avenue, (the Gap, Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, Restoration Hardware, and some fun and funky designer shops too), and then either a haircut or facial, (or why not both?) at the pet-friendly Aveda Salon…..ahhhh, perfection! On the way out of town make sure to stop at the Georgetown Pet Boutique and say hello to Darien and his gorgeous pup and pick up any pet supplies, gifts, or treats you may need. Dupont Circle is another great area for walking, people watching, shopping, and dining. Washington is home to some of the finest museums in the world, unfortunately they do not allow pets so be sure if visiting the Smithsonian or any of the magnificent monuments or museums is on your list of things to do in Washington that your hotel is one that allows your pet to be left unattended in your room. As you can see, Washington (Dog Capital) DC offers the pet-owning traveler many, many areas, options, and activities from which to choose!

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