Kimpton Hotels ‘Bark’ for Obama!

Kimpton Hotels have wonderful pet ambassadors in residence in some of their hotels and below each ambassador offers his or her best advice to the newly appointed presidential pooch…everyone’s got an opinion!! 🙂

Look for  a Kimpton Hotel on the PAW website at the next time you need a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel!

Presidential pooch advice from Bosco, FireSky Resort & Spa, Scottsdale
Make the White House go green by barking your case for LED lights in the Oval Office. Not only are they eco-friendly, but their soft glow gives my fur a pawlish that makes other dogs green with envy.

Presidential pooch advice from Sigmund, Hotel Lumen, Dallas
Practice posing in front of the mirror to find your best angle. With all the puparazzi around, you don’t want an unflattering picture to appear on the front page of the papers.

Presidential pooch advice from Charlie, Hotel Monaco, Alexandria
Stop and smell the rose garden. Life can get pretty hectic being the first pooch of America, lay on your back, relax and enjoy top dog treatment.

Presidential pooch advice from Art, Hotel Monaco, Portland
I love getting my paws on leftovers after a big meal, especially bacon. Since the White House dining room is so big, start your scavenging rounds at the head and concentrate on the ladies, they can never resist my charm.

Presidential pooch advice from Ginger, Muse Hotel, New York City
With the puparazzi constantly on your tail, make sure you are always dressed in appropriate presidential style with outfits from my favorite designers, Chewy Vuitton and Manolo Barknick.

Presidential pooch advice from Georgie, Hotel Vintage Plaza, Portland
Make sure they double your daily walks at the White House, as your crumb detail will be pretty hefty with all of those international meetings. It’s not easy for me to maintain my figure after all of the staff meals at the Hotel Vintage Plaza.

Look for  a Kimpton Hotel on the PAW website at the next time you need a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel!


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