My ‘Furry’ Valentine…

Soho Grand Hotel, NYC

Soho Grand Hotel, NYC

What’s a girl to do? It’s Valentines Day and a little pampering, spoiling and snuggling is precisely what’s she’s craving in this mid February chill to restore a warm rosy glow, but the love of her life has yet to make the hotel or restaurant reservations.

Dropping a few not so subtle hints hasn’t seemed to do the trick. A deftly placed, ‘Honey, we haven’t been to New York City in a while, why don’t we go to the SoHo Grand or the Tribeca Grand for Valentine’s Day? We could shop ‘till we drop at Bloomingdales, Saks, Tiffany’s maybe, order in some fantastic room service from the Grand Bar and Lounge, get an in-room facial or massage, rent some overly romantic movies and snuggle up in all that sumptuous luxury; Frette linens, Malin+Goetz bath products, I think that would be heavenly! If that doesn’t excite you , maybe we could walk around Central Park, make a snowman, watch the families ice skate, eat whatever strikes our fancy from the street vendors…doesn’t that sound perfect?, she asked. This induced little reaction, no more than a slight tilt of the head in consideration.

Maybe something a little bit more active, athletic, “Let’s hit the slopes, Sky in Aspen, CO has put together a package that we will both love! I’m perfectly happy to go off skiing while you hang out by the hot tub or grab a beer * with the guys.” He’s starting to feel the pressure because this latest attempt only results in a low growl.

It’s not that her expectations are out of line, he’s happy to participate, he just isn’t a planner. The time has come for her to make the call and invite him away for the weekend! Now she just has to choose warm and steamy, a winter wonderland, a city escape or a country excursion?

So many choices, The W Hotel in Seattle is hosting a Valentines Day Mixer sponsored by City Dog Magazine on the 11th ; mid-week might be nice, and the W Hotel is GORGEOUS! Then there is also the Epic Hotel in Miami. A new Kimpton Hotel, the Epic has put together a ‘superhero’ package for Valentines Day. That might be just perfect; he is after all her superhero having swooped in, red cape flying in the breeze, to save her from being alone! Queue the music BA BA BAAAA! She does want him to know how much she loves and appreciates him, this weekend is not just about her, it’s about them, they could both use a little pampering, now that she thinks about it.

Either way, whichever hotel she chooses, they will be together and celebrate the fact that they were lucky enough to find one another! He isn’t perfect mind you, he will still act inappropriately in public sometimes, never excuse himself, despite numerous reminders from her ,when he burps, and then, there’s always the drooling, but she doesn’t care. She’s in love and love is after all, about acceptance.

Celebrate Valentines Day with the ‘Furry’ Love of Your Life:

In New York City, NY:

The SoHo Grand welcomes pet-guests of all sizes without any additional fees and has Queen, Pet-friendly rooms beginning at $395/night which includes the pet welcome amenity of food/water bowls, pet bed, and special treat.

The Tribeca Grand has the same pet policy and has King, Pet-friendly rooms beginning at $365/night.

Bloomingdales, Saks, & Tiffany’s all welcome pet-guests as long as they are well behaved and properly leashed.

The hotel concierge can arrange for facials, massages, etc. for an additional fee.

In Seattle, WA:

The W Hotel welcomes pet-guests of all sizes for an additional fee of $25/per stay plus a $100 non-refundable cleaning assessment and has King, pet-friendly rooms mid-week beginning at $270/night and on Valentine’s Day beginning at $221/night. W Hotels has the PAW – Pets Are Welcome program and provides a pet bed, toy, treat, and food/water bowl as a pet amenity upon arrival.

CityDog Magazine

In Miami, FL

The Epic Hotel ‘Superhero’ package is available for pets of all sizes beginning at $802. This two night package includes sleeping accommodations for two nights, pet bed and food/water bowls for use during stay, toy, Superhero pet welcome gift, complimentary wine/treat hour in the main lobby each evening, $25 credit for in-room dining per night and a pawdicure and shampoo for the pup and an in-room, 90-minute massage for you! 14-day advance booking required!

In Aspen, CO

The Sky Hotel welcomes pets of all sizes at no additional cost and has put together a cost-saving ski package. The two night package Begins at $676 per night and includes room accommodations, a daily lift ticket, and breakfast. Pet sitting arrangements can be made for an additional fee through the concierge.

Visit PAW;Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide at to make your reservation for any of the luxury, pet-friendly hotels mentioned here or to view and reserve hundreds of luxury, pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and resources for your Valentine’s Day Celebration!

*Bowser Beer – non-alcoholic beer for dogs (

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