Traveling through Cold Snowy Days…

Sometimes it’s not all sunshine and dog parks! Sometimes you’re traveling and the city or town in which you’ve recently landed is experiencing ‘blizzard like’ conditions! What do you do when you can’t stay more than 5 minutes at the local dog park for fear of frostbite and your pup needs to expel some energy?

This has happened to Beau and I on more than once! Here’s how we handled it..

We were staying at a Westin and experienced severe snowstorms that lasted for days. After day 2, with Beau ready to jump out of his skin, I asked to speak to the manager and asked him if sometime throughout the day, when it was most convenient for them, and wouldn’t disturb any other guests, was there a ballroom or meeting room that I could use for half an hour to let Beau run around? He was all too happy to check the meeting schedule and set up a time with me when Beau and I could toss a tennis ball and run around. It worked out great! It also insured that Beau would continue to be well behaved in the hotel guest room, as long as he gets some exercise every day, he’s the perfect pet-guest!

Do you have any tips for fowl weather traveling with your pet? Share your comments below.

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