A Super ‘BOWL’ for Gametime!

It is Wednesday, there’s still time to place your order, have it rush shipped, and treat your pup like just one of the guys at the ‘TAIL’gate party and super ‘BOWL’ festivities this weekend!

Visit http://www.3busydogs.com and place your order for a six pack of Bowser Beer; non-alcoholic beer for dogs! Available in two flavors; Beefy Brown Ale or Cock-a-doodle Brew it is the perfect host/hostess gift for the dog lover who is hosting a Superbowl party!

You could also email the owner and see if there is a distributor near you; really great upscale pet shops carry Bowser Beer, (and the accompanying pretzel treats that go with the beer…of course!).

You also don’t want to miss ‘Poodle Picks’ on twitter at http://twitter.com/poodlepicks. Poodle Picks is a video uploaded to Youtube where you get to watch a Poodle pick the winners of upcoming sports events…it is too funny, and too funny how accurate he is most of the time! Twitter Poodle Picks and you’ll find a direct link to the YouTube video.

Have a ‘Super’ day with your best bud and be the hit of the party when you arrive with the perfect gift and the winning prediction!

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