Lola, L*O*L*A Lola (you know the tune…:))

lola-the-eco-dogSome retailers are only concerned with selling you a product. I love to share fantastic pet resources with my readers and this company is just as concerned with sharing knowledge with you as it is providing great retail pet products…maybe more!

Let me introduce you to Lola, the pup inspiration behind Paw Luxury. Not to be confused with LuxuryPAW :), Paw Luxury  is an online retailer that offers eco-friendly pet products and shares simple ways in which you can, (& I love this) “Lower your dogs carbon paw-print”.

The owners, Wendy and Adam, (and the Lovely LOLA) were kind enough to let me interview them and here’s what we found out:

PAW: Tell us how you developed the concept for Paw Luxury:

PAW LUXURY:  “Our love for our dog Lola and our desire to tread lightly on the earth has led us on a journey to mesh these passions together. Lola has given us so much so why not give her the best. So my wife & I wanted to help with the green movement by creating Paw Luxury, an online shopping destination for all things green inspired by the love of our dog for eco-minded dogs & their owners. This idea stemmed from wanting to provide a better life for our soon to be 2 year old boxer Lola.”

PAW: Are you the only company doing this online?

PAW LUXURY: “We searched high and low but found it hard & frustrating to find eco-friendly, all natural, & organic alternatives under one roof. So we wanted to create a place that does just that. Our site is safe, convenient, honest, fun and informative for that eco-conscious consumer. ”

PAW: What makes your site so different?

PAW LUXURY:  “We educate our customers on how to go green in their daily lives and provide detailed, accurate & honest information on the products we offer. Our belief is that it starts with little paw steps to make a difference. We are also working on building out our site to offer eco-friendly cat products.”

PAW: That’s fantastic, people will love that! Does PAW LUXURY have a mission statement that you’d like to share:

PAW LUXURY:  “Paw Luxury specializes in selling earth friendly products and are in business to spoil dogs healthy. We offer quality products that are stylish, durable, all natural, organic, holistic, sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, and Made in the USA. We care about how the products are made, where they are made , a who makes them so the mission for social, environmental & economic change are one in the same. Many of the products are packaged in recycled or recyclable packaging, so the bottles can be taken down to your local recycling center. Our motto is “healthy dog, healthy earth, and happier life”.

PAW: I love that, “spoil them healthy”, that’s great!

PAW LUXURY: “Our goal is to cater to the growing demand for ecological and sustainable living while still allowing the cachet and comforts of luxury. We strive to offer the ‘best of the best’ to our customers in eco-friendly products by setting a high standard for quality. If it is not good enough for Lola, its not good enough for your dog. Before we retail products we want to make sure that the brands we retail align with our mission for a greener earth. We are proud to stand behind brands that “romp the romp” (in dog terms) or what we humans say “walk the walk”. These companies not only speak about green living but strive to live it. We not only want our consumers to rest easy, but we want to rest easy as well.”

“Like wise, we also operate our business with a socialy responsible mindset. We want to consider what our company consumes and find ways to recycle, reduce, reuse and purchase environmentally friendly and sustainable business products. Some of our earth friendly business practices include: business cards made from 100% recycled content, to using cradle to cradle USPS shipping boxes, from recyclable packing materials, and going paperless by corresponding via email just to name a few.”

PAW: Where can people find you online

PAW LUXURY: “People can check out our site at http:// to see our wonderful green products. We will be adding eco-cat soon so stay tuned!”

Boy, they’re great, so sincere and genuinely concerned!  Please visit their site, they also have a following on twitter and Facebook.

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One thought on “Lola, L*O*L*A Lola (you know the tune…:))

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