Westminster Week on PAW!


Hello all:
Happy February! (Dog Dental Health Month! Remember to brush your pups teeth!)
Today is Sunday, the beginning of the week prior to the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in NYC! The 2009 Show, will be held on its original dates of Monday and Tuesday, February 9-10, 2009 at Madison Square Garden and I thought that in this weeks blog postings I’d share a little Westminster history, information, scheduled events, and finally some ideas of what you can do with your pup if you are going to be in New York next week for the show.

We, Beau and I, are very excited! This will be our first Westminster Event, although Beau can not attend the actual event, he will be going to a certain pup-friendly red-carpet and cocktail event…more on that later!

For every year since 1921, with only three exceptions, Westminster has opened its show at Madison Square Garden on the second Monday in February, (by AKC definition, on the Monday and Tuesday following the sixth “dog show weekend” of the year, to be precise).

For the complete judging schedule, location information, and broadcast information click here.

To find our more about the Wesminster history click here.

For ticket infomation click here and for events scheduled around the event visit the events calendar.

They say that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the second oldest sporting event in America? Can you name the first? I’ll put all of the correct answers into a dog bowl and choose one winner 24 hours from now, so that’s 9:00 am EST on Monday morning. I’ll post the winner in Mondays blog post (and the correct answer) and the winner will win a fabulous prize (yet to be determined…I’m creating this idea as I type :)!
Type your answer in the comments section below and good luck!! (It’ll be a good prize, I promise!)

OHHH, the prize will be a gorgeous ArfDog Sleepover suitcase (see the pic below). ArfDog is the creator of fantastic ‘themed’ gift boxes for dogs and the people who love them. The sleepover suitcase is cleverly designed to resemble a Louis Vuitton suit case and is filled with everything your pup will need for their next sleepover; a monogramed terry bathrobe, a gorgeous ceramic bowl, a box of treats, a ‘sherpa’ blanket and two squeeky toys, the “Bark Street Journal” and a “Pet Passport”. You can visit ArfDog to see their full product line!

Remember to visit PAW;Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide the next time you need to reserve a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel room!


4 thoughts on “Westminster Week on PAW!

    • Congratulations Michael you win!!! Email me your shipping information and tell me a little bit about your pup (size especially for the Robe). You’re ready to hit the road!! Have fun!

    • Thanks for playing Karen!! Watch the site next week for another contest!
      Have a great day!! (& love your site, keep up the good work!)

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