First Aid for Your Pets

gracesunnydoginkfirstaidkitfixed41Did you realize that 92% of dogs and cats will experience an emergency during their lifetime? Denise Fleck wants to make sure you know how to help the furry love of you life when they need you most! Denise owns Sunny Dog Ink and she has put together a MUST HAVE first aid kit for your pets that she sells on her site, (pictured with Grace above). Denise offers pet CPR lessons, is available for lectures (a great fundraiser event!!) and she is deeply involved in charitable endeavors such as the upcoming ‘Pawstronomical; A Pet CPR Event’. Click the Pawstonomical link for information on the largest gathering of humans learning animal life saving skills ever assembled! Be part of the learning if you are in Burbank, CA on April 18. Tickets are available on line.

This is a site packed full of helpful information! Bookmark it so you can get to it easily and often! Do you know pet CPR? Have you ever had to use it?

Visit PAW;Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide the next time you need to reserve a gorgeous, pet-friendly hotel!


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